(aka my Home Lab)

Within I have one server up 24/7, this server runs Proxmox and has 4 VM’s.

VM 1. Nextcloud and Bitwarden
      This VM is for my private cloud (Bitwarden is moved to there cloud)

VM 2. OpenVPN
      To be able to connect to local  network resources when away.

VM 3/4. Miscellaneous services
      These VM's runs some network services both on Windows server 2019.

VM 5Home Assistant OS (New)
      To make a central control system for smart home devices.

VM 6. Reverse Proxy (Newer)
      To make a central system to access local systems with HTTPS and remotely when needed.

I also have a Intel NUC, that runs PiHole (to disable tracking) & Uptime Kuma (for local system and services monitoring).

Last but not least;
I also rent a VPS that runs most of my sites and another instance of Uptime Kuma.
This one informs me when a site of my ISP connection is down.

In case of a power outage, 3 UPS’s will keep my network and local server running.
For ISP issues I have a 4G backup connection, this failover is setup for only crucial connections within the network that can reconnect when the main connections is down.