Why a homelab?

Check my lab

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24u rack

Most of my equipment is in one 24u rack.

Only one server is running 24/7, the rest is only powered and on when needed.

Quick overview:

A total of 5 3.5 servers.

  • 3x Fujitsu Fujitsu Primergy RX200 S8
    * 24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz (2 Sockets)
    * 125GB of Ram
    * All with different SAS drives configs
    * Using about 120 Watt of power when running

  • Intel NUC
    (Specs to be posted later)

  • UPS for the main server, UDM Pro and Backup 4G connection.

Unifi at the heart

Currently my network runs on Unifi by Ubiquiti.

Local storage of camera recordings was a big must and the ability to still access everything safely remotely is a huge plus.

Unifi overview:

  • UDM Pro with 4 TB Drive
  • 1x US 24 PoE 250W
  • 1x US 8 PoE 150W
  • 1 x US 8 PoE 60W
  • 1x USW Flex Mini
  • 1x AC Pro
  • 4 x G3 Flex camera's
  • 1 x G4 Doorbell
  • 1 x G3 Instant

What services do I run?

My main server runs Proxmox that has 4 VM's

1.   Nextcloud
         This VM is for my private cloud
2.   OpenVPN.
         For connection to my network when away to be
         able access and work as I was local. 
3/4. Windows server 2019
         This VM runs some network services.
5.    HomeAssistant OS (New)
         To make a central control system for 
         smart home devices.
6.   Reverse Proxy (Newer)
         To make a central system to access local systems
         with HTTPS and remotely when needed.

I also have a intel NUC

The NUC runs PiHole and Uptime Kuma.
Uptime Kuma informs me when a server of service is down.

Last but not least

I rent a VPS that runs most of my sites and also a instance of Uptime Kuma.
This Uptime Kuma informs me when a site of my IPS connection is down.